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We are a network of churches in Frankfurt, United by the love of Jesus, who want to give a warm welcome to students coming to us from all over the world! Our volunteers want to welcome you into their homes, help you navigate the difficulties of finding an apartment, and provide you a home away from home!


Das InterCultural Student Network (ICSN) ist ein Netzwerk aus Kirchen in Frankfurt. Uns vereint die Liebe zu Jesus, mit dem Wunsch, internationale Studenten in Frankfurt durch gemeinsame Aktionen zusammenzubringen und Gemeinschaft zu feiern, neue Kulturen kennenzulernen und neue Freunde zu finden.

Über uns

InterCultural Student Network

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Our Profiles

Kernteam Mitarbeiter:  Aaron (USA), Jermaine(Germany/USA), Sam (India/Germany), YeEun (South Korea), Jacky(Germany/USA), Benni (Germany), Hanna (Germany), Korvi (Ecuador), Bao (Vietnam).

Churches in the Network:



Other Partners:

Meet The Team

Aaron Bashore


Jacky Falk


Korvi Pinguil

Ian Bunardy


Student Team

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